CONSTITUENCY QUESTIONS- Northern Victoria Region

Northern Victoria Region

Ms SYMES (Northern Victoria) (14:07:07) — My constituency question is for the Minister for Tourism and Major Events. This weekend will be the fourth annual Wall to Wall Festival in Benalla. The festival has been a resounding success and has doubled in size each year, with about 5800 people visiting in 2017. This year 20 top street artists from around Australia, the US and Malaysia, including local artists, will paint the town walls. The town has been transformed into one big outdoor gallery. This weekend will see the painting of 22 murals, a wooden re‑creation of a milk bar, a paint‑by‑numbers interactive community event, tours, inflatable sculptures and many workshops. The Labor government provided $125 000 for this year’s event, and what I am after from the Minister for Tourism and Major Events is information on how this investment translates into that all‑important tourism dollar and job creation.