Help to relieve energy burden

05 Jul 2017 Euroa Gazette, Euroa VIC (General News) JACLYN Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) is encouraging local businesses to save money on their energy bills with the Andrews Labor Governments Boosting Business Productivity Energy Assessment Grants. Ms Symes today announced Euroas Burtons Supa IGA supermarket was the latest recipient of a Labor Government Boosting Business Productivity Energy assessment Grant of $9000 which will help the store improve its refrigeration systems. Burtons is one of Euroas biggest employers with 40 staff, and the grant will help the business make energy savings of about $15,000. Im very happy the Labor Government is supporting country businesses like Euroas Burtons Supa IGA supermarket to cut their energy costs, Ms Symes said. An energy assessment can be extremely beneficial for local businesses. Undertaken by experts, they will provide tailored advice on how you can cut your energy costs and improve productivity. Businesses can save, on average, more than $50,000 each year on energy bills alone. Small, medium and large businesses spending more than $20,000 a year on energy could apply for a basic energy assessment up to $2000 and a detailed energy assessment up to $15,000. A $3000 implementation bonus is also available to both grant types to carry out one or more of the recommendations from their assessment. These might include fitting variable speed drives to fan drives on existing variable air volume heating, ventilating, or air conditioning systems. Another option may be to install fast rolling doors or clear plastic strips to prevent heat gain or loss on large warehouse doors. A further $630,000 was allocated to the Boosting Business Productivity grants program in the recent Budget. Small and medium sized manufacturers can now apply for a Materials Efficiency Grant of up $13,000 to improve materials efficiency, reducing waste sent to landfill. Grant applications are now open. Caption Text: GRANT HELPS EUROA BUSINESS CUT ENERGY COSTS: Jaclyn Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) announces that Burtons is to receive a major energy grant to improve the stores energy efficiency. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.