A safer place to work

22 Mar 2017 Numurkah Leader, Numurkah VIC (General News) NUMURKAH healthcare workers will have a safer workplace when 10 new CCTV cameras are installed at Pioneers Lodge. The Numurkah District Health Service was given nearly $8,800 as part of a $20m Victorian Government Health Service Violence Prevention Fund. The grant is an attempt to clamp down on violence against health and emergency staff, following an Auditor General report that found front line health workers are at risk, especially when dealing with people in stressful situations. The government is also funding a new public awareness campaign to reduce violence in Victorian hospitals to stop attacks against health workers. NDHS CEO, Jacque Phillips, said the Pioneers Lodge cameras would put systems in place for staff and residents to feel safe, and prevent any potential incidents. This will give the lodge more after-hours security, as it is across the road from the main campus, she said. The main campus and Karinya have CCTVs in place, and this will be linked into our existing systems and monitored 24 hours a day. The cameras will be put in public areas, such as thoroughfares, and external entrances, and will be monitored in the nursing office for real time viewing with a recording system. Ms Phillips said there were strict guidelines surrounding CCTV and privacy. She said they would not go into private rooms, and signs would be put up to alert people they would be in use. We have security guards who patrol overnight across the whole facility, the CCTV is an added resource. Its good that the public knows we have a security system in place thats monitored, as health services should be a safe place to come, Ms Phillips said. Northern Victoria MP, Jaclyn Symes, said a dozen health services across the states north are part of the funding roll-out. Health workers and their patients will now be safer and more secure thanks to this funding, she said. Northern Victoria has an incredibly dedicated health and mental health workforce who deserve to feel safe and protected in the important work that they do. I have zero tolerance for violence or aggression of any kind against our hardworking doctors, nurses and paramedics. Caption Text: Monitored Pioneers Lodge staff, Rachel Muirson, NDHS CEO, Jacque Phillips, Gwen Rore, and Marie Coonerty (seated) look forward to CCTV cameras at Pioneers lodge. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.