A victory for the future

23 May 2018 Mansfield Courier, Mansfield VIC (General News) THE announcement by the State Government that Mansfield Secondary College will receive their next round of funding years early should be reason for everyone in Mansfield to celebrate. The local council, students, teachers, parents, newspaper and the greater shire rallied together for this important cause and showed what can be achieved when a community marches together for the greater good. An improved school is not just better for its students, it is better for the whole community. Higher education trickles down through an entire municipality and has been proven to equal less crime, less poverty, better jobs and a better future for families. The students at MSC must be highly congratulated themselves, perfectly highlighted by Jaclyn Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria), saying she hadnt seen any other school that involves the students so much, especially on a planning level, effectively putting their future in their own hands. She was so impressed that shed used them as an example in other schools across the state. This funding shouldnt be taken lightly either. MSC has already received their block of funding, and most schools would not be expected to get further funding soon, but practicality prevailed, which is not always the case when navigating government spending. The case put forward that it would save government money in the long term by building the project in one hit did not fall on deaf ears (especially as it was being shouted so loud). Thank you and congratulations to all involved it is a true victory for Mansfield and will pay high dividends long into the future