Abuse funds

15 Sep 2016 Shepparton News, Shepparton VIC (General News) by Tara Whitsed FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Shepparton-based financial counsellor Bronwyn Seiter has welcomed the addition of new resources for the field, announced earlier this week by the Victorian Government. Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said a $1.75 million investment into family violence through the scope of financial abuse would be available for several local government areas including Greater Shepparton. The funding will be used to employ 10 new full-time family violence financial counsellors and provide financial abuse training to all Victorian financial counsellors, Ms Symes said. Financial abuse is a form of family violence where perpetrators often take full control of their victims savings and spending, rendering them financially dependent and trapped in abusive relationships. Ms Seiter began her career 16 months ago at Primary Care Connect and was recently presented with the Financial and Consumer Rights Councils Rising Star award. I was awarded for exceeding expectations as a new financial counsellor and solving a complex case, she said. We assist clients to stabilise and improve their financial situation by providing options, assistance and or advocacy. Ms Seiter said although the facility currently dealt with financial abuse cases, it hoped to increase its clientele with increased resources on what was a varied and complicated issue. Primary Care Connect chief executive Rebecca Lorains said the service was one of the facilitys highest in demand and said there was a range of things that needed to happen in the community in order to improve peoples financial circumstances, including financial capacity building and focusing on young people. FINANCIAL ABUSE IS A FORM OF FAMILY VIOLENCE MEMBER FOR NORTHERN VICTORIA JACLYN SYMES Caption Text: Reward for effort: Primary Care Connect financial counsellor Bronwyn Seiter was recently presented with a Rising Star award. Ms Seiter said she welcomed additional Victorian Government funding for the service. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.