Doctors welcomed

Doctors welcomed 07 Sep 2016 Benalla Ensign, Benalla VIC (General News) by Libby Price Benalla P-12 is one of 100 schools in Victoria that will have regular access to a doctor and healthcare at school, under the state governments Doctors in Schools Program. Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said participating schools would partner with local doctors who would visit the schools for up to one day a week, with students able to get the advice, treatment and referrals to specialists they need. Half of the schools participating in the program are in country Victoria, where families often face barriers to accessing healthcare. Having a doctor at their school will give students reliable healthcare, reduce the pressure on working parents and GPs, and help the students identify and address their health concerns early, Ms Symes said. Benalla P-12 principal Barb OBrien said there was a great need for the free service. Many of our students really struggle to pay to get to a doctor, Mrs OBrien said. Theyll be able to go to the doctor without having to worry about fees or paying, the doctors there for them. Were very excited about this. Its going to add to our student wellbeing program. Weve got students who are independent living, out-ofhome care, who live out of town, who have difficulty getting to a doctor, so having a doctor on site will actually give them that easy access to be able to get to a doctor when theyre in need. Our students have a range of issues, from mental health issues, to sexual health issues to physical and emotional issues, which having a doctor on site well be able to refer them to straight to the doctor on a needs basis, and I think it will be supportive to our parents who really struggle sometimes to get their kids to a doctor. Even though its only one day a week its such an asset to our campus. Work is now under way on recruitment and training, building consultation rooms at schools and establishing partnerships with local healthcare providers so the program can start rolling out next year. Caption Text: Doctors in Schools Program: Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes with Benalla P-12 Principal Barb OBrien. The school will have a doctor available for students one day a week. Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.