Funds to help soccer grow

04 Apr 2018 Seymour Telegraph, Seymour VIC (General News) Local soccer clubs in Northern Victoria are set to receive financial assistance from the Victorian Government to upgrade facilities and grow the game. The Victorian Government recently announced the $2.5 million World Game Facilities Fund, with up to $250 000 of funding for projects available. Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes said the initiative is designed to ensure the world game continues to grow at the grassroots level. Soccer is booming across Victoria with more than 350 000 people hitting the pitch, Ms Symes said. The new fund will work to support local soccer clubs and organisations to undertake projects such as lighting upgrades, pitch redevelopments, synthetic pitch developments and unisex accessible change rooms. Lighting and synthetic pitch projects mean the whole community can benefit from a facility that can be used night or day, and dont require the burden of watering and maintenance. Upgrading change rooms to unisex means that women and girls will finally now have the facilities they deserve and help level the playing field. Ms Symes said the Victorian Government aims to ensure soccer clubs in Northern Victoria have the support and facilities they need to grow and welcome more members than ever before. This funding will inspire even more of our kids to sign up to their local soccer club, get active and play the game they love. Applications for the World Game Facilities Fund are now open. For more information visit http:/ / world-game-facilities-fund Caption Text: Windfall: Local soccer clubs in Northern Victoria are set to benefit from the state governments $2.5 million World Game Facilities Fund.Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.