Get your club a free life-saving defib

22 Nov 2017 Mansfield Courier, Mansfield VIC (General News) THE State Government is getting on with helping clubs save lives with applications now open for the fourth round of the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program. We believe defibs should be a standard piece of medical equipment at all sporting clubs to protect the players, volunteers and supporters, said St John Ambulance Victoria chief executive officer Gordon Botwright. We understand that clubs struggle to raise the funds to purchase a defib which is why programs such as this are vital for the community. Jaclyn Symes (MLC, Northern Victoria) called on grassroots sport and recreation clubs in Northern Victoria to apply for a lifesaving defibrillator and volunteer training through the program. The 2015-16 Victorian state budget committed $2.7 million to provide 1000 defibrillators to Victorian sport and recreation clubs. Nearly 900 defibrillators have now been allocated to more than 50 different sports clubs and facilities located all across Victoria. The program is a great opportunity for club members to boost their first aid skills, improve planning for medical emergencies and ensure players and spectators suffering sudden cardiac arrest get help until paramedics arrive. Ms Symes said there was overwhelming demand in the first three rounds of the program, but the good news for sports clubs and community recreation organisations is that there are still more than 100 defibrillator packages to be allocated. The response in Northern Victoria has been fantastic to this initiative and I am certainly encouraging clubs that havent applied to do so, Ms Symes said. Access to a defibrillator, along with people trained in first aid and CPR, is crucial to saving lives. In a life threatening situation every second counts and people in Northern Victoria deserve the best chance at surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. I urge all country sport and recreation clubs to consider applying for a defibrillator through this fantastic program, and if they receive one they should register with Ambulance Victoria to ensure the defibrillator is correctly installed and relevant people trained to use it. Applications are open now and will close on December 22. For more information or to apply for the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program, visit Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.