Groups share in biodiversity funding

06 Mar 2018 North Central Review (Kilmore), Melbourne (General News) TWO community groups In the district will share In finding to protect the future of local biodiversity. Funding Is coming from the 2018 Community and Volunteer Action Grants under the Biodiversity On-ground Action Initiative. South West Cioulburn Landcareof Droadford will receive I-19.120 for Us fur and fins project that will see the group extending landscape pathways with community collaboration. Kllmore Fire Brigade will receive &26.700 to progress Us Monument Hill pine removal program. Grants up toftSO.OOOare available to help communities continue work theyre already doIng to protect and expand habitats for native plants and animals on public and private land. Expressions of Interest are also being sought from groups Interested In developing their crowd fund Ing, social media and marketIng skills through free workshops In the form of Crowdfundlng Grants. Grants up to $2000 will be made available to successful applicants to develop crowdfunding campaigns that raise funds for threatened species and biodiversity projects in Victoria. Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes said that there Is significant work being done by local Landcare, environmental, and community groups. We saw with more than 20 projects approved under last years funding round. I expect there to be significant Interest again In this latest funding round and encourage local farming, Landcare, environmental, and community groups to apply, Ms Symes said. Meanwhile, the federal government has opened the National Landcare Program, offering community groups a share in lf> million In funding. Local landcare groups can access up to *lill Will lur prtjjLTtft which innErlhuU1 to environmental priorities. One-off grants between 15000 and $50,000 are available. Applications close on March 19. For further information, please visit: business .gov.auLicensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.