Health services get a share of the pie

Corryong Courier, Corryong VIC (General News) The Victorian government has announced record funding of S18.12 billion for Northern Victorias country hospitals over the next year with Corryong and Tallangatta sharing more than $9.5 million. Member for Northern Victoria. Jaclyn Symes, said The budget breakdown shows how this record funding for our health system is split among hospitals, ambulance services, mental health and drug services, aged care, community health and public health services. The increased funding will support hospitals to meet demand so patients can access the care they need and deserve, more quickly and closer to home. It will also help reduce waiting lists even further. Under the funding arrangements, Upper Murray Health & Community Services will receive $4,891 million, up by S205,000 or 4.4 per cent on the previous year . The Tallangatta Health Service will receive S4.76 million, up by S156.000 or 3.4 per cent on the previous year. We know our dedicated doctors, nurses and staff do a remarkable job and this record funding boost gives them the support they need to keep saving lives and keep people healthy. Ms Symes said. This boost means better hospitals and efficient care that is first class and accessible, no matter where you live in Northern Victoria.'