Works underway for brand new centre of excellence

20 Mar 2018 Whittlesea Review, Whittlesea (General News) CONCRETE has been poured on Broadlord Secondary Colleges new $4,46 million English and Literary Centre of Excellence. The school isexpecting the stage one building which will be an extension onto the library to be opened in October Broadford Secondary College principal David Mills said he was excited to provide more opportunities for students to learn. *We are up to stage one ol our new building and we are very excited we are building skills up and working to improve literacy all round, he said. This year our library rates have boomed. We have had 600 books borrowed from 610 students and the staff is working very hard to bring the literacy up across the board_ This new building will help our continued quest to improve our students. The laying ol the concrete is the end of our planning work lor two years. The design and collaboration phase has been a good process and we cant wait/ Schools across Victoria are turning their attention to improve literacy of their students. The project was funded by thestategovernment leading Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes, to say she was proud to help students in the region. As a Broadford resident, I am very proud to have obtained funding for my community and its exciting to see the upgrade to Broadford Secondary College get under way. Yuuth & KtJs Review focuses on children acid youth groups in (iur local community but presents the isaueH acid stories from their view point Contribute [is are welcome from young people and st^KJtiLs throng E*i Lit the district. Either tSrufj your article or picture Into Newspaper House or email Caption Text: It begins: Year 12 coordinator Peter Read and Principal David Mills with Gonnah Hopkins, Hope Tieni, Zack Harrison and Tara Gibson. Mew plans: this is what the Broadford Colleges upgrades will look like.Licensed by Copyright Agency. You may only copy or communicate this work with a licence.